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        Service philosophy

        Contact address

        Contact us

        Contact us

        With warm and thoughtful high quality service customer first   
        1, to treat customers enthusiastically, courtesy and courtesy, to make customers satisfied;
        2, quickly deal with the problem, to the customer first, 24 hours must respond;
        3, solve the problem accurately and effectively, do not delay, and do not allow the customers to lose.
        4, and the customer needs, no customers create value, to achieve cooperation and win-win.


        contact address

        • Contact: LAN Baosheng (Chairman and general manager)
        • Phone: 0597-6066886
        • Cell phone: 18806662501
        • Web site: www.ilkates.com
        • Mailbox: lanbs@cspreform.com
        • QQ email:476998317@qq.com